SME's play a quintessential part of India's economic model and supply chain for products and services, thereby contributing significantly to India's GDP; hence forming the backbone of the economy.

The COVID 19 pandemic in the country has given the Indian economy one of the worst blows ever of its kind; further deteriorating position of SME’s. The Indian government has provided various relief measures in taxation and other allied laws to counter such unprecedented situation.

Focus Area of Discussion

  1. Framework on functioning of SMEs:
    • Introduction to SME
    • Why SMEs are essential for business
  2. Government measures for SMEs:
    • Government initiatives and schemes
    • Relief measures amid COVID-19
  3. Legal issues post COVID-19
    • Contractual implications - force majeure and frustration
    • Resolution of disputes
  4. SME’s Direct & Indirect taxation:
    • Overview of tax provisions applicable to SMEs
    • Taxation challenges
    • Reliefs measures amid COVID-19
  5. QnA’s

Why a “ Must Attend” Meet?

"The Digital Masterclass is intended to provide an insight into certain regulatory, legal and tax issues that SMEs may face in view of COVID-19. A structured approach with minor improvisations within their existing framework can certainly be quintessentially beneficial to improve the overall functioning of SMEs and pave a better way forward.

We will make an endeavour to propose some best possible mechanisms to improvise the overall efficiency in management of SMEs within the regulatory, legal and tax framework, thereby enabling you to cope with the augmenting competition in the corporate sector which is more structured vis-à-vis their control mechanisms. Also, an opportunity of addressing your queries through the Q&A session can certainly help resolve many unprecedented issues. "

Speaker's Corner

Anuj Mahajan


CoSage Advisors

Neetika Suryawanshi


Krezon Advisors

Anuj Mathur

Senior Director

Mohinder Puri & Co.

Vidur Bhatia

Head of Chambers

Chambers of Vidur Bhatia

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Who should attend

SMEs Directors, VP, head of

Owners of Start-ups

Preferably people from finance stream who can appreciate the taxation implications better or senior management of SME’s who will strive to derive benefits of improvisation from this webinar

Pricing Details

1 Delegate

Rs. 1,000 + Taxes