We are now living the “new normal” or the “new reality” and what is helping businesses survive is technology as well as adopting the Work From Home model, at least until “normalcy” is attained.

Alternative working arrangements have been enforced, with Work from Home as a part of the new normal culture.

However, this can lead to possible cyber risks and threats; there is no guarantee that ransomware attacks won’t find a way in. With 60-70 % of risks emerging from internal sources, data security is now the top most concern for Senior Leaders.

If the pandemic is to continue for a longer period of time, what sort of novel digital risk do we envisage now and in the near future?

IT departments are forced to support this new working culture in which there is a likelihood of uncontrollable risk emerging.

Businesses also heavily rely on third parties for their services, a possibility of a third-party risk can come into the picture further causing business disruptions; the question is how do you manage your existing vendors & on-board new vendors with limited resources?

What if a network breach is traced to one of the vendors, do you have an action plan ready to mitigate vendor risks as well?

What are the tools that can be leveraged to ensure that digital risk, threats or malware is eliminated?

What are the long term disruptions needed to be taken into consideration?

Multiple questions surround us as many aspects of data security are yet to be looked into. Security as a protocol is now at a loose end.

Speaker’s Corner

Harshad Mengle

Chief Information Security Officer

Future Group

Manoj Agarwal

Head of Internal Audit and Risk Management

Metro Brands Limited

Manoj Shrivastava

Chief Information Security Officer

Future Generali India Insurance Company Limited

Shailendra Kothavale

Chief Risk and Compliance Officer

Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance

Rajiv Gupta

Senior Vice President – Global Audits & Risk


Ramanand Jha

AVP, Risk Management & GovernanceHead of Internal Audit and Risk Management

Havells India Ltd.


11.50 AM – 12.30 PM Panel Discussion

What is the plan moving forward - Sustainable strategies that can be enforced to ensure compliance and security protocols are met

  • Decoding the cloud: Will it help if there is a shift to the cloud now? What are the grey areas that require consideration?
  • Step by step plan to eliminate business risk
  • Long term disruptions that are needed to be taken into consideration for a business to survive

Manoj Agarwal, Head of Internal Audit and Risk Management, Metro Brands Limited
Ramananad Jha, AVP, Risk Management & Governance, Havells India Ltd
Harshad Mengle, Chief Information Security Officer, Future Group

12.30 PM – 01.00 PM Fireside Chat:

Planning the risk assessment programme for a Remote Workforce – eliminating leak of information, data breach and cyber threats

  • Monitoring and managing the staff – procedures to ensure transparency
  • Developing a risk free environment – tools and techniques that can be implemented
  • Third-party risk management – ensuring protocols and procedures are met
  • Reprioritizing audit plan

Rajiv Gupta, Senior Vice President Global Audits & Risk, Diageo
Shailendra Kothavale , Chief Risk and Compliance Officer, Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance
Manoj Shrivastava, Chief Information Security Officer, Future Generali India Insurance Company Limited

01.00 PM - 01.30 PM Question and Answer Round

All your queries answered by Thought Leaders with viable solutions that can be implemented within your organisation.

Key Learning Takeaways:

What are the novel risks that have emerged due to the work from home model that need to be addressed?
Possible risks involved beyond the pandemic that one should be aware of to safeguard long term business goals?
Are there any risks involved if operating with legacy or end of life systems?
How do you adequately cover pandemic risk elements and enhance security controls?
Are there any existing risks that are evolving, how different should the risk assessment be moving forward?
New viable and sustainable protocols that need to be enforced to analyse and eliminate cyber threats
Data Security and the movement of company processes online
How do you monitor and manage the staff to ensure transparency & eliminate breach of security as well as leaking of information to any other medium?
Third-party risk management – How must businesses ensure that compliance protocols are met without disruption
Correct stratagem or procedure to review and access the current approach that vendors have adopted – How does it impact your business?
A plan of action to eliminate vendor risk – Discussing new risk that can be anticipated now and in the near future
Reprioritizing audit plan for smooth functioning of the company
What is the appropriate methodology to adopt if there is a need to shift from a data centre to the cloud – What are the drawbacks involved?
Can a risk free virtual desktop environment be created so as to avoid investment in infrastructure post the pandemic?
What will be the impact on a business’s current risk profile post the pandemic?

Who Should Attend?

IT Risk
IT Audit
Information Security Officer
Data Governance Officer

Pricing Details

1 Delegate

Rs. 1,000 + Taxes