Digital Masterclass: CFO as "Economic Guardian"

In an business environment where rapid change is the New Normal. Are CFO and organisation ready to handle this rapid pace of change and safeguard their business, their people and their future.

We are In a World which needs Transformative models. An environment which needs agility. Where people are empowered to move quickly in a dynamic environment, a world which requires each and every function is required to re-imagine how they work.

In this new paradigm Manas Datta shares his perspective, a future ready thought leadership, a game changing idea about transition of a CFO from a Custodian to Strategic Planning to "Economic Guardian"

A session created for and dedicated to all CFO and heads of finance function in India who will be in the eye of the storm in the cusp of the unprecedented change in front of them when business try and get back to full functionality.

Manas had shared the concept of CFO as an Economic Guardian the finance technology Summit in 2019. Now is the time where all CFO and head of finance can evaluate this framework about an path breaking idea on how to journey on an uncharted road ahead.

CFO as "Economic Guardian" Masterclass shares a new framework with finance leaders and organisation leadership to evaluate the Evolution of CFO from Custodian to Strategic Planning to Economic Guardian

Learning Outcomes:

  1. What are Three Factors of an Economic Guardian
  2. Identify where you stand in the CFO Leadership Landscape
  3. Chalk out where you need to evolve in your Role of an Economic Guardian
  4. Leading Finance and organisation Innovation as an Economic guardian
  5. Inclusive partnership with the Business as an Economic Guardian
  6. Paradigm shift of the CFO in the new normal
  7. CFO and relations with Organisational Structure in the Journey for an Economic Guardian


  1. Practical Framework for Economic Guardian
  2. Self – Help Worksheet for application of your learnings - where are you and the path forward

Registration Price: Rs. 1000 + GST

Masterclass Thought Leader

Mr. Manas Datta
Group Chief Financial Officer
Wockhardt Limited

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